YouTube’s biggest star is infamous for screaming over footage of video games, and while he makes some good money doing it, it seems that his neighbors don’t really appreciate his shitck at all.

Actually, Pewdiepie says he is getting evicted from an apartment that he used as a recording studio over the noise he makes while recording videos:

Most of the time, Pewdiepie records in a soundproof room where volume isn’t really a problem, and he can shriek to his heart’s content. Sometimes, however, he’ll need more space—so he records in his kitchen. And that’s where his neighbors can hear him loud and clear.


As you can see around the 1:30 mark above, at some point a neighbor got so sick of Pewdiepie’s shit, that he came over to chew Pewdiepie out while the Swedish YouTuber was recording a video. In the footage, you can hear a man angrily cussing out Pewdiepie, at one point even calling him a “faggot.”

(UPDATE 3:42 PM): Here’s Pewdiepie, clarifying why the neighbor said that:


Not long afterward, Pewdiepie says he received an official eviction notice, which apparently required him to move out by the 29th of this month. In the video, you can see that Pewdiepie has started to put things into boxes in preparation for that date...but he’s not really happy about how the situation unfolded.

“If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that?” Pewdiepie joked. “I could buy this house, I don’t fucking need you.”


Pewdiepie claims that he actually got a written noise complaint AFTER his eviction notice, which if true, is kind of hilarious—especially given the language they use:


Apparently, yelling in your house is considered “anti-social behavior.” I guess that’s not totally wrong, but still. Wut.

“Landlord, fuck you,” Pewdiepie said. “Luckily for us, it’s really easy to move. It’s not a problem. We have the resources, and we can just do it. I imagine for another normal person this would throw them out on the streets.”


Actually, Pewdiepie already has another office lined up, where he predicts “so much shitty content is going to be made here.”

“Hopefully we can yell as much as we want.”

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