Petroglyph And Trion Team For Online Strategy Title

The strategy game veterans at Petroglyph have teamed up with online game developer Trion World Network to create a new massively-multiplayer online real-time strategy game.

Petroglyph is the developer behind Star Wars: Empire at War, risen from the ashes of RTS pioneers Westwood Studios of Dune 2 and Command & Conquer fame. In short, news of a new game being developed by the folks that defined what real-time strategy was to a generation of gamers is big news. Details on the project are scarce at the moment, but it will represent the first 3rd party development utilizing the Trion Platform, and will be published by Trion worldwide.

"Petroglyph is extremely excited to be working with a visionary publisher like Trion World Network", said Michael Legg, president and co-founder of Petroglyph. "Combining Trion's platform and industry expertise with our GLYPH game technology and our development pedigree will allow us to unleash a groundbreaking MMORTS gaming experience to the world."


We look forward to knowing more about this groundbreaking new game as soon as we know anything more than its existence.

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