All last week, Guardian's game site has been running portions of a big Peter Moore interview. In that interview, we learned that Peter Moore thought developer Rare's skill were "not applicable today", that Peter Moore killed the Dreamcast and fired lots of people and loads of other stuff. The best part? Guardian writer Keith Stuart explains:

I didn't tell EA or Peter that I was planning to run the transcript in its entirety on this site — I'm sure you can guess the reasons. EA have reacted very favourably and with considerable understanding. However, Peter has asked if I run a final word from him, which I think — under the circumstances — is entirely fair.

Oh ho ho! More Moore after the jump:

I am so fortunate to have been part of this industry at a time of technological advances that have changed the way we all play games. I am especially fortunate to have spent 4 1/2 exhilarating years at Microsoft, working with some of the most passionate, smartest people I have ever had the honour and privilege of working with. I guess you have to work there to truly appreciate what a unique and special company Bill and Steve have built, and I think gamers need to fully appreciate the positive impact that the Xbox consoles, and in particular Xbox Live, have had on our industry. I worked with a team of people so special and so near and dear to my heart, that not a day goes by where I don't miss them in some way. Same with our studios — the flair and creativity of Rare, the sheer brilliance and focus of Bungie, the game-changing team at Lionhead, and all of the other brilliantly-talented teams that helped drive hardware sales with great software. Microsoft changed the world of enterprise and communications with Windows, and when all is done and dusted, I know the same will be said of the world of entertainment because of Xbox. The company is too focused, the people too smart, to achieve anything less, and I feel incredibly proud to be a tiny part of that legacy. And as I've said on numerous occasions, as hard as it was for me to leave a place so near and dear to me, EA SPORTS was the one and only job that could have ever pulled me away from Redmond. To my delight, I've found a place, in EA, that also has made an indelible impact on this industry and a brand, in EA SPORTS, that has had extraordinary success, an incredible impact and that has such a bright future that sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy alive. But we're not perfect. We've got our sleeves rolled up with a lot of work ahead to meet the vision I have for us to fundamentally change the way people from around the world engage in sports and sports entertainment.

Peter Moore Interview: Epilogue [Guardian]