Peter Molydeux's New "Game" is a Giant, Hype-tastic Tease

Curiosity is the name of the first title legendary designer Peter Molyneux has worked on since leaving Lionhead. This is not a trailer for that game.

Well, it is, kind of. It's brilliant satirist Peter Molydeux's trailer for Curiosity, which takes Molyneux's penchant for hype and blows it quite literally out into space.

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*twirls his finger* WooHoo...

Might as well make an Ad just saying "Peter Molyneux new game Aug 22" and it just a picture of a box with a question mark on it. If those don't know Peter Molyneux then "Hey...that guy that made the Fable games...yeah...he's making a new game." Dah dah dah~ The More you Know.

Teasers aren't anything special unless they have some meat to them. Plus if we know about the game already, we'll just want to see gameplay .