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Peter Dille Talks FFXIII Exclusivity, Seems Confused

Sony's Peter Dille has never been a man short on words. So when asked by MTV what he thought of Microsoft's Final Fantasy XIII coup, he offered words:

Consumers responded to "GTA" on the PS3 just as they did on the 360. And it becomes a bit of a jump ball. But it didn't rise the tide for them. And I think if you fast forward to when "Final Fantasy XIII" comes out I think you're going to have millions of people who grew up playing "Final Fantasy" on the PlayStation playing it on a PlayStation 3. They spent a lot of money, I'm sure, to get "Final Fantasy" onto the 360 but at the end of the day it's on our platform as well. Which is why we focus on, "Let's look at what happens when you have "Metal Gear Solid" on your platform … when the NPD numbers come out … I think you'll see the value of what a real exclusive title does and how it raised the bar for PS3 versus 360.

So...exclusives don't really matter, yet exclusives like MGS4 bring "value" and "raise the bar" for the PS3? You seem confused, Peter.

Sony: ‘Final Fantasy XIII' Going To XBox 360 Creates ‘Jump Ball' [MTV]

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