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Persona Q's Battle System Makes Me So Happy

Why are the characters in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth so tiny? So you can fit more of them on the battlefield at once.


"But Fahey, having five characters fighting at once leads to a whole lot of menu navigation during battles." Stop trying to sell me, I am already sold. Besides, they're not fighting all at once, they are taking turns like real buddies should. I bet there are hugs afterwards.

Okay, I *hope* there are hugs afterwards.

Persona Q for the 3DS drops in Japan on June 5. I can feel the hot breath of the import shop on the back of my neck.


[Q] Battle persona generation! The Defeat shadow![AtlusTube via Destructoid]

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This footage is unselling the game for me now.
1) You don't see the party on the field
2) No Persona animation?
3) I think that team rumble cloud started before anybody even went into the fracas. Huh?

Well, perhaps they're trying to get the Wizardry dungeon crawler feel that seems to be popular on the 3DS.