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Persona 4 Golden Lets You Sneak Out At Night

Illustration for article titled emPersona 4 Golden/em Lets You Sneak Out At Night

The lovely folks at Atlus have put up a short list of some of the new tweaks and changes in Persona 4 Golden, the Persona 4 remake that comes out for PS Vita on November 20.


From Atlus's Aram Jabbari:

  • You can now sneak out at night when your uncle Dojima is out at work (which is frequent, as he's a veteran police detective). Every conversation and event discovered during this time – heck, even the music that plays – is all new. Moreover, many areas, like Shiroku store in the shopping district, serve a different purpose after dark.
  • You can get night jobs, on top of the clubs you might join after school, that allow you to further advance your character (not to mention roam the city at night without having to hope your uncle is out).
  • The game now offers a Very Easy and Very Hard difficulty option (in addition to the existing Easy, Normal, and Hard settings).
  • You can now easily speed through cutscenes and lengthy exchanges (maybe it's your umpteenth playthrough?) by holding the Triangle button or by double tapping Start.
  • Load times are ridiculously fast. Almost every load is approximately 3 seconds or less, whether PS Vita game card or PSN download.
  • The fishing mini-game has been expanded to include new fish, many of which are exclusive to the evening, providing yet another layer of addiction and depth.

That's right. NEW FISH.

Persona 4 Golden Set for November 20th on PS Vita [PS Blog]

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Static Jak

With all the new stuff they're adding, I'd love to see a PS3 version on PSN too.