Perfect Dark Xbox Live Arcade Playable By Press Next Week

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Perfect Dark, remastered for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade with a 60 framers-per-a-second framerate, is making an appearance at next week's Xbox 360 X10 gaming summit in San Francisco.

Rare tells us that the game will be playable at the event, and that we can expect to "find out some more tidbits" concerning Perfect Dark's unveiling next week on Rare's Twitter feed.

You can also follow the news as it happens on my Twitter feed next week... and read about what I'm currently drinking, eating, thinking because I have a serious Twitter problem.


Now, then. What would you like to see come packaged in a remastered version of Perfect Dark?

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"If only this were an updated Goldeneye, oh the monies that would be spent..."

While I won't contest that Goldeneye is a magnificent game, Perfect Dark is superior to Goldeneye in every way possible. Better campaign, co-op, counter-op (which I wish developers would implement in other games), insanely deep multiplayer (for when it was released anyways), stat-tracking, intelligent bots, sweet unlockables...I could keep going on. That said, I can't wait for this updated version to be released. I've spent more time playing 4-player multiplayer with my friends than on any other game I've ever played.