Last week I asked our Photoshop-savvy readers to help Microsoft come up for a use for all of the Xbox One Kinects they aren't going to sell once the system is available without it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have several winners.

First and foremost among the winners, both in terms of comment stars and making me giggle all week, is sciteach's brilliant Kinect Four. I would have gone with Kinect One myself, but only after stealing his initial idea, so I'd be a dirty plagiarist.


The rest of this week's featured entries range from the hysterical to the historical and everywhere in-between. I did not select the Kinect-up-the-ass one, but it still exists if you really want to find it.

Congratulations to this week's winner-types, and come back tomorrow for more chances to feel all good about yourself and our community.

uscg_pa — because I couldn't find the damn thing.

jedeye18 — for the humanity.

UI 2.0 — for the new Kinja.

KIREEK — for best use of the Mac Pro.

theomeganerd — for best use of Johnny 5.

GiantBoyDetective — for the logical conclusion.

arniejolt — for stopping at 9,000.

Ganonthegreat1 — for always on (the moon).

Greg the Mad — for making me resize an animated GIF.

Phillip Wester — for no. Just no.

Kcity — hahahahahahahahahaha.

SpacemanSpliffz — because I love it, even if I had to edit it all together.

MasterChef 117 — because they're watching us.

Tested_Ninja — for an entire planet.

Rutherford Q. Churchwalsh — for Captain America's dead son.

Tinsweep — for I don't want to drive anymore now.

Nellchan — because they'd make a neat sound falling.

Tom Bomb — because it just fits so well.

amcclain09 — for the island of misfit toys.

Florian — ootini!

RoomB31 — for the drowning slowly.

Thomas — because it had to be there somewhere.

ShantyTown — for giving Aiden a new way to watch dogs.

CaliforniaAMG — for sad everybody.

Danny — for the corporate ladder.

Ootph — for the memories.

betabri — for going there first.

CurtisChampion — okay, just one more Wall-E.

Matt B. — for Kinect Star Wars.

Ntbusso — for my favorite Portal reference.

zyexis — because this would actually sell.

chiefrobertirvine — because a Kinect always pays its debts.

KBABZ — for the entire strip

and of course...

sciteach — for the win.