People Say It's Raining Poop in Shanghai

You think the weather's shitty where you live? Try the Nanhui District of Shanghai.


According to China News, residents in Shanghai's coastal area are complaining about what they say are feces falling from the sky. Yes, it's raining poop. Apparently.

The Chinese media is labelling this "fen bian yu" (粪便雨), or "fecal rain." Residents are blaming the airplanes that land at nearby Shanghai Pudong International Airport, but experts apparently say this isn't related to planes dumping waste.

The China News clip shows yellowish spots covering cars. One local says, "When I put my hand out, I thought it was raining. But the weather is great, so how is it raining? Then, we realized it's poop."


The airport says if there is a problem, it is not to blame. This is an airline issue, it added. As our colleagues at Gizmodo previously explained, airplanes use vacuum toilets that store waste, which remains in a sealed tank for the entire flight. After the plane lands, ground crowds vacuum out the waste. But maybe these are leaky planes? If so, they would leak blue waste as Anotec, a blue deodorizing liquid, has been used in airplane toilets in the past.

China News didn't interview a fecal expert (a crapmaster, if you will), so no matter what locals are saying, this might not even be pooh. Plus, there could be other explanations for this drizzle, such as pollution or even migrating birds. Whatever this is, getting covered in yellow droplets must stink.


上海频降粪便雨 民航专家否认来自飞机 [China News via 網易新聞 via ロケットニュース]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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that's just straight pollution falling from the skies, toilet matter isn't be ejected and it's all a distinct blue anyway.... I know, I've had to be the guy who drives the poop truck at the airport.