Poll: People In Japan Reveal Which Famous Game Franchises They Haven't Played

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Image: Square Enix, Nintendo, Capcom
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Have you played every big-time game franchise? Are there any well-known game series you haven’t checked out? In Japan, a recent poll asked people about which famous series they haven’t played.


There were 2,362 votes in this Goo Ranking poll. Here are the top responses.

16. Persona series - 44 votes

15. Taiko no Tatsujin series - 46 votes

14. Nobunaga’s Ambition series - 47 votes

13. Kingdom Hearts series - 57 votes

12. Yokai Watch series - 58 votes

11. Smash Bros. series - 61 votes

9. Momotaro Dentetsu series - 63 votes

9. Yakuza series - 63 votes

8. Splatoon series - 72 votes

7. Animal Crossing series - 75 votes

6. Resident Evil series - 76 votes

5. Pokémon series - 93 votes

4. The Legend of Zelda series - 97 votes

3. Monster Hunter series - 180 votes

2. Final Fantasy series - 223 votes

1. Dragon Quest series - 249 votes

Who would’ve thought that one, two, and three would be some of the biggest selling game franchises in Japan?

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 If its a Nintendo exclusive series then...never played it.  That said, haven’t tried any Monster Hunter either.