Computers Sure Looked Goofy In 80s Movies

It’s a supercut of the weirdest movie scenes with computers and computer interfaces from a time when even copying a simple file to a floppy was shown as some sort of magic trick.


YouTuber elsafrickey collected a whole bunch of these scenes from the 70s, the 90s, but mostly from the 80s. Obviously, a giant flashing “ACCESS DENIED” sign looks more exciting on the big screen than someone typing “c:\donotopen\topsecret.txt” in a tiny MS-DOS window, but still, it’ll always look silly.

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People didn’t know what to think of computers back then. Hell, they still don’t really know what to think of them now. Treating computers in ‘80s and ‘90s movies like they were magic makes sense given that context. You don’t understand the tech, so it might as well be able to do anything you can think of, so long as punching the keys looks and sounds authentic enough. Weird Science is a perfect example of this: feed enough pictures of hot women cut out from magazines into a computer, use some kind of program that allows you to customize all the physical attributes of your dream woman, then run a current through a scantily-clad Barbie doll. It’s straight out of Frankenstein, and the end result is that you get this: