The last time we took a look at Whisper—a popular app that allows users to post text and photos with confessionswe saw that it was full of dissatisfied young women who get ignored by their significant others because of games. But that's not the only type of secret that people share on the service.

Some people are pretty happy with their nerdy relationships, in fact!

But being ignored because of gaming is still a big enough problem that there are even folks who prey on this sort of relationship.


And some folks even have trouble finding their perfect gaming dude, believe it or not.

Amusingly, at least one person doesn't care if they get ignored because of gaming. Note that the images on the right are what other users responded to the Whisper on the left.

Sometimes gaming doesn't bring couples together or pull them apart—it just helps someone get through a rough romantic patch.

At least one person used gaming to make a break-up go more smoothly:

Not all the confessions are relationship related, of course. We've got other usual suspects—like anxiety around being a 'real' gamer.

This is especially true when it comes to girl gamers—there's lots of debate about what even qualifies you as a gamer, unfortunately.

Not to mention annoyance that identifying as a girl gamer is actually just a ploy for attention.

And when you have nitpicky Whispers like this one, it's not surprising to see anxiety around the idea of being a 'real' gamer:

There is at least one person on Whisper who says they game because of attention, though:

And for some folks, gaming in of itself is a secret.

Some confessions are of the more adorable variety:

And some are damn heartbreaking...

You can look at all sorts of confessions and secrets on Whisper here.

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