People are really putting the photo mode in The Last of Us: Remastered to good use. Who knew Joel's teeth had such a high level of detail? I bet he flosses. (Via BurnYourLifeDown)


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This game is so detailed that the amount of work and artistic/technical expertise sometimes just freaks me out, so that I start taking screenshots and rambling to my girlfriend about how in awe I am (we play lots of games together, so that's cool).

And that's not even going into the amazing story, wonderful performances, unmatched animations, killer soundtrack, and impeccable, engrossing, and tense gameplay.

Really, I'm just in love with this game. I went ahead and got an art print to put up in my place.

Full Disclosure: I loved the game on PS3, pre-ordered Remastered, and am very pleased with my decision.