People Are Mass-Disliking The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer

It may surprise you to hear that YouTube, a place well-known for civility and intelligent discussions, is full of people saying mean things about the new Call of Duty trailer. As of right now, the video has 221,657 dislikes, and that number is going up by a few hundred every minute.


This mass-dislike campaign has been triggered by a number of factors. For one, everyone loves hating Call of Duty, especially the people who love Call of Duty. Remember all those Modern Warfare 2 boycotters?

There’s more, though. For whatever reason, the community has not reacted well to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Maybe it’s a weak trailer; maybe everyone’s getting sick of sci-fi; maybe this is just the decade of Getting Mad About Things—whatever the reason, people seem to be far more negative about Infinite Warfare than they have been about previous Call of Duty reveals. Yesterday, Redditor ImLuddx even made a comparison chart—and the dislikes have doubled since then.

You can see people getting angrier and angrier every year!

On the other hand, judging by reactions on various forums and social media, the Call of Duty community is crazy-excited over the Modern Warfare remake, which will come with the high-end $80, $100, and $120 collector’s versions of Infinite Warfare. (Activision says they won’t be selling this Modern Warfare remake separately. Chances are they’ll change their minds about that one.)


Maybe it’s a fear of change. Or maybe, against all odds, people are actually starting to miss the trend of WW2 and modern shooters that were oh-so-popular just a few years ago. Have we entered sci-fi overload? Discuss.

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