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Penny Arcade's Rain-Slick Precipice Darkens PSN Thursday

Illustration for article titled Penny Arcades Rain-Slick Precipice Darkens PSN Thursday

The long wait is over as Hothead Games announces that Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One is coming to the PlayStation Network this Thursday, October 23rd. The PlayStation version of the game, previously released on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, is priced slightly cheaper than the other versions at $14.99 compared to their $20. This reflects Hothead's recommended pricing of $15 an episode from here on out across all platforms. Along with the big announcement, Hothead has released a list of trophies you'll be able to unlock in the game, which we've hidden somewhere after the jump. Can you find them in time, or is the world doomed?On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode One Trophy List - Yeah, I suppose that was a bit too easy. Trophy One Name: Stray Cat Description: Earn a support character. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Two Name: All Together Now Description: Do a Team-Up attack involving all three party members. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Three Name: A Winner Is You Description: Successfully complete the first episode. Grade: Silver (30 Points) Trophy Four Name: Nine Lives Description: Kill an enemy using the feline support character Thomas Kemper. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Five Name: Pack Rat Description: Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Six Name: Steel Devils Description: Find and destroy all the robots in the game. Grade: Silver (30 Points) Trophy Seven Name: Pacifist Description: Win one battle using only counterattacks. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Eight Name: Silent, But Deadly Description: Beat the final Boss without healing. Grade: Silver (30 Points) Trophy Nine Name: Immortal Description: Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat. Grade: Gold (90 Points) Trophy Ten Name: Fight 'Em With Items Description: Use every combat item at least once in the game. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Eleven Name: Level Awesome Description: Get all party members to Level 15. Grade: Bronze (15 Points) Trophy Twelve Name: Clean Sweep Description: Kill all enemies in Episode 1. Grade: Silver (30 Points)


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oh god, you nearly gave me a heart attack. i thought episode 2 was dropping for the PS3, and us lowly Xbox/PC trolls had to wait for our goodies instead. i see now that it is quite the ironic opposite. *dark chuckle*

btw, this Thursday is so not the 28th. ..well, maybe in your magical world, Fahey.