Peggle Perfection Requires A Dash Of Madness

Have you ever played Peggle? If not, it's one of the more surprisingly addictive titles to come out of the PopCap Games stable of brightly colored "casual" games. Even if you have played Peggle—or Peggle Extreme, the free Half-Life themed version that's included in The Orange Box—an 18 million point round might not blow your hair back. So when watching this clip, via Waxy, the first minute or so might not impress. The fanatical, bordering-on-insane planning, however, as demonstrated moments later, might. It also might frighten.



That person has some seriously insane skillz! But that's not the quickest or easyest way to beat the 750k challenge, doing that just to beat the 750k is overkill.

The best way to beat 750k is on the FEVER level, play as Warren and aim as high and to the right as possible then aim 6 mouse wheel notches down. Take one trial shot and take note of which pegs get hit by that shot, now keep restarting the level till both the green pegs and purple peg are among the pegs that'll be hit, if you get magic hat off the first green peg and triple score of the 2nd (1/16 chance) then that'll get you something like 500k and then you just need to mop up the rest to take you over the line, easy 750k with no serious skillz required, just a little patience.