Tetris is one of those games that seemingly everybody has played in some form or another. It’s evolved in fascinating ways and players continue to do amazing things with Tetris’ many iterations. Later this year, a new non-fiction comic will look at the beginnings of one of history’s most famous video games.

Written and drawn by cartoonist Box Brown, Tetris: The Games People Play will look at the creation of Alexey Pajitnov’s enduring classic and the drama that ensues when people with big bags of money try to cash in the game’s popularity. In a publisher-provided quote, Brown puts it this way:

“The Tetris story was interesting to me because it reveals something about the relationship between art/artist and commerce. It’s an unstoppably popular piece of art that could not be bound by country borders or governmental restrictions. Even though it was created by and for people who weren’t motivated by profit, it was soon swarmed upon by those who were.”



Tetris: The Games People Play will be out this October.

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