Pearl Jam Album Gets The Rock Band DLC Treatment

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Announced during last night's Spike VGAs, Pearl Jam's mega-successful, mega-purple debut album "Ten" is to be made available as downloadable content for Rock Band in March 2009.


Would have preferred "Vs." myself, but then, I work for Kotaku, not Harmonix. The release is obviously timed to help market the re-release of the album itself, also due for March 2009, but we'll shelve our cynicism in recognition this is one of the most popular and well-loved rock albums amongst people old enough to remember the Berlin Wall, but young enough to still have all their own teeth.

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"Even Flow!" Like the *something**something* butterflies! Oh he don't know, so he chasing them awaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

This song is the reason i bought guitar hero 3, no joke! :D