Peak 'OK Boomer' Reached As Naruto Voice Actor Says It On Camera

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Only a couple of weeks into the meme, we’ve already reached peak “OK boomer.” How do I know that? Someone got Naruto’s voice actor to say it at a convention this weekend, and frankly, I don’t think I ever need to hear it again.

In a Reddit post, an attendee of Minneapolis convention Galaxy Con asked actor Maile Flanagan, who voices the anime hero Naruto, to say the line. Here it is in case you’d like to sample it in your EDM track or—just a suggestion—loop it 200 times to make it your ringtone:

(Posted on Reddit by user That-One-Ho1, and ripped to Twitter.)


If you do decide to do anything with it—again, a suggestion—please post your monstrosities in the comments.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.

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As long as Boomers act exaggeratedly offended when they hear it, OK Boomer will live on.