PC Puzzle Quest Galactrix Goes Retail

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PC Puzzle Quest fans who'd rather have a disc on hand for the upcoming space-aged sequel, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, are in luck, as D3publishers teams with Aspyr Media to bring the game to retail.


Apr Media may specialize in porting PC games over to the Mac, but they've been making a name for themselves lately in the PC publishing game, and the upcoming release of D3pusblisher's Puzzle Quest Galactrix continues the trend. The PC version of Galactrix should be hitting store shelves around the 24th of February, when the game also launches on Aspyr's gameagent.com website.

I'll probably just stick with the digital download version myself. I'm surrounded by empty boxes and scratched disks as it is. Still, good to know new players will be able to stumble upon the game at a retail store, unsuspectingly joining the ranks of the Puzzle Quest-addicted.

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That's one of the crappiest game covers I've seen in a long time! Thanks but no thanks to the retail version.