PC Gamers, We Have Some Bad Battlefield News

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If you were somehow still holding out hope that the long delayed Battlefield 1943 for the PC would ever become more than a promise, give up now. Developer DICE has finally officially canceled that game (and another Battlefield project).


DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson writes on the Battlefield Blog today that the World War II online shooter Battlefield 1943 is kaput. So is the Onslaught expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. "Our talented teams will focus on delivering the greatest possible gaming experience in our next behemoth release," Troedsson writes, referring to Battlefield 3. "We're confident this will lead to an even better experience in Battlefield 3, not only on PC, but on all platforms."

Troedsson calls the PC cancellation of those products a "hard decision," but promises to "continue supporting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and previous games."


Looking Ahead [Battlefield Blog]

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Question: If they shaft PC players on DLC for one of the best selling PC games, of which its proven that more play it on PC than console (the stats cross platform contest a few months ago), what makes people think they won't shaft the PC on BF3? Just wondering...

Either that, or I am misreading the article, and Onslaught is canceled for all platforms, and only BF1943 is canceled for PC. If this is the case, its not that big of a deal to me, as 1943 is something that, while it would have been nice to play, wasn't something I would have rushed to get.