Europa Universalis IV is a very good video game, but there are always ways to make it a little better. In this case, by adding some DLC that's not only poignant, but makes the game a little more realistic as well.


As it stands, EUIV — a game which spans centuries of European history, from the beginning of the Renaissance through to the global empires of the Victorian era — is pretty dude-heavy. Which is mostly accurate, since most folks in positions of power were indeed men, but which is not entirely accurate, given the fact one of those two eras I just named was named after a woman.

The free "Women in History" DLC (released over the weekend to coincide with International Women's Day) seeks to address this by adding 100 famous women to the game, who will pop up during certain events. Some of the more notable ones include Elizabeth I, Caterina Sforza and the French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher Sophie Germain.

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