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PayPal is causing crowdfunded game developers all kinds of woes, Giant Bomb's Patrick Klepek reports. Read the whole story. An excerpt: "I had pulled out like $700,000 and dumped it into our bank,” said Lab Zero founder Peter Bartholow. “I get a call from a [PayPal] guy who’s like ‘yeah, I can’t believe they let you do that, I’ve locked down the $35,000 you have remaining in your PayPal account.’ Just because."


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The Geek Empress

Paypal used to be a very reliable system for online transactions, but more and more it seems like they're being the scam rather than preventing the scams. I mean, my mom's had issues with bullshit before, like giving a person a refund without our permission (we sent a package, two weeks after our return period the guy claims the item is broken and wanted a refund) but I keep hearing about them freezing accounts and not unfreezing them and so forth.