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Payday: The Heist Developers Confirm That They’re Working With Valve on Left 4 Dead Crossover

Illustration for article titled emPayday: The Heist/em Developers Confirm That They’re Working With Valve on emLeft 4 Dead/em Crossover

The action-packed brand of high-stakes robbery delivered by Overkill Software's Payday: The Heist might just be pulling off its next job in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


Early this morning, an official statement from Overkill game director Ulf Andersson revealed that the Swedish development team will be working on an "in-depth collaboration" with Valve:

"As perceptive gamers will have noticed, several hints have recently been dropped into PAYDAY The Heist, which has led to various rumors. We are excited to be able to confirm that an in-depth collaboration between OVERKILL and Valve is currently in production.

We are working on a very cool blend of PAYDAY and Left 4 Dead. I am sure it is so exciting that it will have some players check into the hospital before we are done."


It was recently announced that dev studio Starbreeze—makers of this year's Syndicate reboot and the Chronicles of Riddick games—would be acquiring Overkill in a bid to grow their intellectual property portfolio. Originally a PlayStation Network exclusive, Payday is also now available on Steam. Payday debuted on the PlayStation Network and then became available on Steam soon thereafter. No word on when we might expect to see the first look at a Payday/L4D crossover but zombies vs. Bank Thieves… that could actually be fun.

OVERKILL announces co-operative initiative between PAYDAY: The Heist and Left 4 Dead! [via Reddit]

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Payday was frankly pretty much terrible, and revealed pretty much every problem there ever could be with a co-op campaign-based game that relied on progression.

You start off weak, which makes it hard to finish campaigns, which makes it hard to level up. As you get stronger, they'll get easier and easier via increased stats and better items. Which defeats the purpose of replayability, where you can simply statgrind through them.

The campaigns were way too long and didn't have nearly enough checkpoints. This is exacerbated by the stats issue I mentioned above, the lower level you are, the "longer" they were because you simply weren't as powerful.

It was just frankly a BORING GRINDFEST where you didn't get killed by superior enemies or tactics, you just got ground down by fighting a million cops in a row. Having tons and tons of respawning enemies with guns versus your dwindling ammo supply while you defend the same hall closet for eight minutes straight is just not fun.

My friends and I (who played the hell out of L4D / L4D2) played Payday on a free weekend, for about three or four rounds, and never did again. We all came away with the impression it was just terrible.