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PAX Road Trip: T-Minus Two Days

Penny Arcade Expo 2008 kicks off in just four days and we'll be there to cover it live. As I've mentioned numerous times, I'll be road tripping it from Denver to Seattle. We're going to be leaving about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. While I've had a couple of people say they'd like to try to meet up for the tail end of the drive, no one appears to be leaving from Denver. If you are passing through here or want to meet up on the route, hit the jump for my driving plans and then get ahold of me so we can try to set something up.

My plan is for us to take two days to get to Seattle, mostly because we like to sleep in a hotel. We're leaving about 8 .m. Wednesday and driving to Heyburn, Idaho, where we're going to spend the night. The next day we'll be aiming to leave about the same time and driving straight through to Seattle.

If there is any interest in joining up with us in your own vehicles I can still set up meeting locations or routes so we can stick together.


Make sure to email me at editor AT if you want to tag along.

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