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PAX Report – News From The Front

Today's the day - the fangirls are out in force and the cosplayers are carousing in every nook and cranny of the convention center. I've only been in Seattle for about four hours and already I've counted 41 utilikilts and 19 sets of cat ears. The favored motif this year appears to be Naruto, with the odd smattering of old school Nintendo characters. I'd love to post pics of all of this, but man friend has wandered off with my USB cable. So here I sit in Handheld Lounge C, waiting for him to return (hopefully with beverage), counting up the swag I managed to accrue in the half hour I spent in the Exhibit Hall. So far, I've got 16 random scraps of paper (possibly stickers) and four buttons for games I've never felt the urge to play. If you're around, come and find me - I'm the incredibly tired looking girl with the red, white and blue stars on her shirt. There's a lot to take in here and I'm only one woman - so help me out, readers. What games should I go after and what panels should I hit up? (Check the schedule here.) Hit the jump to find out what it feels like to wait in line for two and a half hours. Why didn't I apply for a press pass?11:30 – entered convention center 11:40 – got lost 11:43 – called Boss for instructions 11:45 – located Plebeian admission line

11:47 – loud popping noise, followed by ominous boo echoed by everybody in the line for no better reason than just because 11:50 – waiting in line… concert wristbands not yet distributed 11:55 – demolished swag bag, will seriously consider attending Fallout event


12:00 – consumed bawls "water" 12: 15 – failed to connect to PaxNet free internets (this sucked last year, too) 12: 20 – manipulated man friend into using Shiny New iPhone to secure internets 12:25 – am contemplating Puzzle Quest over hacked Final Fantasy VIII 12:50 – elbowed in back, must destroy nerd with dumb hamburger hat 1:00 – gave up hope of internet, played Puzzle Quest 1:15 – no less than five people have asked what I'm playing 1:30 – lost feeling in lower back, over-stuffed purse is to blame 1:34 – inflatable ball launched, volley count reaches 99 before it is dropped, much booing 1:45 – inflatable ball is assassinated - oh the humanity! 1:55 – urge to kill rising (seriously, if that kid gave his sister one more wet willie by reaching OVER my shoulder, I was going to kill him for her) 2:00 – doors open to muddled pandemonium 2:15 – concert wristbands obtained, urge to kill subsides

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