As E3 takes a long run-up at 2009 with a view to relaunching, how are things over at PAX? With the fan expo having made up such ground in the last couple of years, are they worried that E3++ will steal some of their thunder? "Just yesterday we accidentally left some of our thunder in our pants and then they went into the washing machine and the thunder got ruined," said Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, "It wasn't a big deal to us, though, because we have plenty more thunder." Speaking to Edge, Gabe elaborated, ""I don't see it having any effect on PAX, no. E3 has always been and looks like it will continue to be about the industry. PAX is about the community around games as much as it's about the games themselves." PAX: Big E3 Won't "Steal Our Thunder" [Edge]


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