PAX Here We Come... Next Month

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Newspaper Man Offers Beer (Again!) They used to sell a subscription for a penny, but than the newspaper auditors said it couldn't be counted toward official circulation numbers (which are what ad rates are based on) so now they don't really do anything. Also, they're in a JOA with the Denver Post so it's all strange now. So I'll be going to Penny Arcade Expo this year. I decided to give the Leipzig Games Convention a pass and hit up the ever expanding PAX... with family in tow. In fact we're probably going to be making the drive there in our wondervan and I'm thinking of letting people know our route in case they'd like to caravan with us. Is that an incredibly bad idea? Probably not, besides what could go wrong during a half-cross country drive through the Rockies and such.. such... such... such? What you missed: Rapper Nas Shows Rush How Tom Sawyer Is Done CNN Tackles Hot Spore Porn Issue Voice Chat Hits EverQuest II, Galaxies Logitech Guitar Hero World Tour Premium Instruments Coming One WoW Expansion Per Year? Not Necessarily What Activision Can And Can't Change About Blizzard Ghostbuster The Video Game Very Much Alive, Sitting on My Desk Blizzard: Execution Over Innovation Gigantique Sacks and Lovin' On Squirrels: All About WoW Achievements

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