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We were as puzzled as anyone as to why Penny Arcade Expo attendees were being given lanyards advertising the currently in limbo Ghostbusters: The Game. Who would go to all the trouble of getting so many promotional items made up for a game that has no publisher? People from the past, that's who. According to Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo, speaking to Variety, Sierra had signed up to sponsor the lanyards way back in January, delivered the product in June, only to find out weeks before the show that the game was no longer a going concern as far as far as ActiBlizzard was concerned. With little time left to get new lanyards together, the PAX folks just ran with it, thus creating the sad little Ghostbusters promotional items. There's a bright side at least. As Variety's Ben Fritz points out, whoever winds up publishing the game just got a boatload of free advertising courtesy of Sierra. The deal with those Ghostbusters lanyards at PAX [Variety]

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