PAX East 2021 Canceled, Replaced With PAX Online In July

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Image: Penny-Arcade Expo

While convention organizers held out hope until the last minute, it turns out early June was still a bit too soon for thousands of gamers to descend upon Boston for PAX East 2021. The live event has now been canceled, replaced with a special PAX Online event running July 15-18.


Last year’s PAX East in Boston, held February 27 through March 1, was one of the last big live gaming conventions to proceed before covid-19 shut everything down, even though exhibitors like Sony pulled out at the last minute due to health and safety concerns. Those concerns continue in 2021, and while Penny Arcade and ReedPop are still hopeful for PAX West and PAX Unplugged in September and December respectively, it’s still too soon for a June 3-6 PAX East. Fortunately, convention organizers did not sell tickets to this year’s PAX East, nor did they sell exhibitor space, so the cancelation shouldn’t cause anyone a major hassle.

Instead of PAX East, Penny Arcade and ReedPop are doing what they did for PAX West in September of last year, hosting a massive online event in its place. Look for more on those plans soon.

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I’m not surprised.

After last year’s Pax East I was sick as a dog. I could still taste & smell; but everything else was like Captain Trips.