PAX 2010 Breaks Attendance Record

Sounds like expanding the amount of showroom floorspace for the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle has paid dividends, with a new attendance record set for the weekend's festivities.

Last year, 60,750 turned up for a weekend of video games and more video games, but this year, Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo has told Big Download the number shot up to 67,600.


That's pushing things, though, so don't expect next year's to be, like, 150,000. "We're always looking to see what can work, but I personally feel we're closing in on our limit to the show in regard to physical space", Khoo says. "There are a few more venues we're looking at, but at the end of the day we just want to improve the PAX experience in any way we can. If it helps, we'll consider it. If it hurts, we won't."

PAX Prime 2010 brings in 67,600 attendees [Update] [Big Download]

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