Paul McCartney And... Pilotwings

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Beatle Paul McCartney has done extraordinary things like writing classic tunes, making gobs of cash and being knighted by the Queen. He's also done regular things, too. He's a regular dude, too, you know.

"I have a son who's 30, so he's a big gamer, he gamed through a lot of the early stuff," McCartney told Game Informer. "I was thinking the other day, 'God, that's a long way from ping pong.'"

"But his generation went through stuff like — I like Pilotwings and stuff like that," he continued. "I liked the way you used to crash on purpose: 'No!'"


"So those are great, and I say I played a bunch of that along with them, so I know the excitement of it. I just never got into it as much as the guys did, because I was doing other stuff." Ha, yeah, other stuff.

Still, Paul McCartney playing through Pilotwings? The mind boggles.

Paul McCartney Talks The Beatles: Rock Band [Game Informer] [Pic]

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Bash... Paul McCartney & Pilotwings, and not one easy shot at a Wings crack?

I'm impressed! *snuffle* My lil' Internet, growin' up!