If you were watching Twitter this past weekend, you might have seen comedian Patton Oswalt saying some surprising things. Offensive things. Hateful, even.

The things he was saying came as even more of a surprise given his typically left-of-center political views. For example:

Then, if you're anything like me, you would have gone to his Twitter page and checked out his feed… paused… and begun to laugh. A lot. Because you'd have seen one of the better Twitter jokes of all time:

Of course, Oswalt's blockbuster-scale troll worked like gangbusters, as the second "half" of each tweet attracted no small amount of vitriolic response. Well played, Mr. Oswalt. Well played.


Everyone good? Have a good weekend? It was finally sunny for a second in San Francisco, and the entire world came alive. And then the fog returned. Anyway, talk games, Twitter trolling, or anything else, here or over at TAY.

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