Hey, Pat Robertson, Is Playing a Violent Video Game a Sin?

Famous evangelical old person and all-around bigot Pat Robertson weighed-in on video game violence, despite never having played one in his life.


“If you’re murdering somebody in cyberspace, in a sense you’re performing the act, you like it or not.” Robertson exclaimed on The 700 Club, comparing playing a violent game to other acts of "virtual sin" like lusting after a woman.

After showing some concern for games like “Maim(?) Killing and Grand Theft Auto” Robertson went on to claim that games will chop off your sensitivity to god and cause you to grow dead in your heart.


Thanks for the expert advice, Pat! I’ll think about that the next time I fire up a round of Maim Killing on my Gamebox 360.

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Pat Robertson is 83. Is his opinion really worth paying attention to at this point? I'm not trying to be mean, but come on. The generation gap is quite vast in this example.