Nothing against tea-bagging in first-person shooters other than it being played out, stupid-looking and annoying. But I guess it's also super-hilarious, hence this immortal awards show moment a couple of years ago. Uproarious!

Now. Despite the good people at Microsoft's Halo development team trying to re-dub "tea-bagging" as "victory-crouching", the former is still a thing. I mean, how else can you convey that you've just killed your online opponent other than by spamming the crouch button while standing over your opponent's corpse's face?

The glory of tea-bagging is celebrated in this brand-new online ad that promotes next month's Call of Duty: Ghosts:

The clip is actually part of a clever longer multi-video campaign that shows how freaky people sound when they talk about playing Call of Duty in public.

Tea-bagging may be tiresome, but I do love the idea of people talking more in public about games that they play. Even if the CoD ad team is having some fun with that, I'm all for it. I'm all for gaming being something that is socially acceptable to discuss at dinner parties (and during dentists visits). There's nothing to be shy about! Well, not much. Just the tea-bagging. And some other stuff.


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