Parkour-Powered Vector Races Gracefully to Android

Nekki Games' stylish free-running platformer Vector is one of the coolest games on Facebook. In December it became one of the coolest games on iOS, and now it's one of the coolest games on Android. Funny how that works.

Vector for Android brings the smooth and sexy silhouette parkour action of the Facebook and iOS versions to the ever-growing Android gaming population, giving them a chance to break free of their totalitarian shackles to sprint, slide and spin across the rooftops. It's like playing the best part of a modern action movie over and over again.


The Android version combines the free and premium versions from iOS into one game. Players get the first 20 levels for no cost, and can upgrade to the full experience for $.99, gaining access to all 40 levels plus future updates, including survival mode and player-vs.-player.

Here's a vid I took of the Facebook version last year. Picture this, but smoother.

Vector is one of my favorite games on any platform, so it's great to see it reaching a whole new audience. Celebrating individuality is always better in a large group.

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Wayne Talbot

Did Canabalt come before or after this ?