Paragon Is A Much Different Game Today

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Multiplayer arena game Paragon has been in a weird place since it debuted last year. Harnessing the full power of the Unreal Engine, it looked like an action game, but played like a slow and plodding MOBA. Today’s Monolith update speeds things up a great deal.


I’ve been feeling the disconnect between Paragon’s look and feel keenly since closed beta. It’s a game that looks like it should play like Gears of War or Unreal, but when the slow characters finally make it into combat, damage ticks off in MOBA fashion, meaning small ticks at a time. Shooting your opponent in the face with a machine gun? Small ticks. Getting hit with a barrage of rockets? Small ticks. Coupled with the sprawling expanse of the starter map, the long, drawn-out games could be fairly agonizing.

Monolith changes that. Characters are faster, so much so that they’ve gotten rid of travel mode, as there is just no need anymore. The map is smaller, losing that traditional MOBA feel and really taking advantage of the verticality afforded a third-person 3D game.

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Returning players can expect sweeping changes across all characters, with skills tweaked to take better advantage of the new pacing.

Damage still starts off slow, at least for the characters I’ve tested in the update so far, but levels come quickly, and damage increases exponentially. At higher levels the new Paragon really starts to feel like an action game, which is exactly what many players were hoping for. I am quite pleased so far.

The Monolith update for Paragon is live today on PS4 and PC. PC players can download the game for free at the official website.

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I played this for a week between games/before my summer vacation and it was the right amount of time, at the time, to see it was a decent game held back by weird design decisions.

The only other MOBA I’ve put lots of time into is Heroes of the Storm, whose matches usually don’t last much beyond 20-25 minutes. I simply didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate an hour (or often more) to a single round of a game like Paragon.

What was there was solid, it just... it was too plodding and slow. I “got” the MOBA elements and the mixture of genres, but it just wasn’t good enough to warrant the investment. Sorry, but if I sit down at night to play for an hour or two, I like to feel like I did more than play one or two games. I like to notch a bunch of games under my belt. Just the way I feel.

If this truly cuts down on the match time and speeds things up, it might be worth dipping my toes back into. Glad to hear they’re mixing it up.

Question, though, is this the new standard now? Or is Monolith, since it has a new map, its own mode? (Sorry, can’t watch the video.)