Pants Cam Reveals Borderlands 2 Gameplay in Action

Illustration for article titled Pants Cam Reveals emBorderlands 2/em Gameplay in Action

We've seen brief glimpses of Borderlands 2 in action, but have we seen it as shot through a camera stuffed in a bag... or maybe someone's pants? I don't think so!


Here's our look at the game as viewed through a lens tucked away somewhere developers didn't think to look while presenting their game at Gamescom last week.

Ed's Note: Yeah, probably just a bag, but pants cams are so much funnier.


Borderlands 2 Gameplay Video Leaked [Pagesportal, thanks Connor]

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Paradox me

Probably hold off on this one. I was pretty hyped for Borderlands and then lost all interest around the time I got to New Haven. Mostly because there was next to no story to keep me going through what was a snoozefest of singleplayer gameplay.

I imagine it was more fun with friends, but co-op isn't really my bag and I can see the gameplay getting old just as quickly.

This is also the most unappealing character design I have ever seen.