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I thought Apple's new iPad was a completely ridiculous waste of money, until I saw pictures of the iPad version of Panelfly's comic book reader. Now it's just slightly ridiculous.


There was absolutely no way I was shelling out $500 plus for an iPad in March. There was no application Apple could show me, nor game you could have me play that would sway my resolve. Now I'm not so sure. Panelfly's comic reader/digital comic book distribution service has been going strong on the iPhone for quite some time, but I've not paid it much attention. While I appreciate the effort, I'm just not fond of reading comic books on a tiny screen. Hell, I'm not fond of reading them on a PC screen for that matter. Something about the portrait orientation bothers the hell out of me.

Now the iPad version of Panelfly's app, available with the release of the new device, does away with the issues of size and orientation, and damn if it doesn't have me wondering how I could scrape up $500 in a month for an eReader extreme. Anyone want to buy several cats?


Panelfly iPad [Official Website]

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