Sorry this wasn't up yesterday, but it wasn't our fault! The PAL PSN update was well behind schedule after Sony experienced some "technical issues" getting it all up. Those issues have been sorted, the update's up, here's the pick of what's in it: Metallica, Rock Band, FIFA 09. For a more comprehensive breakdown, click through. Game METALLICA ‘DEATH MAGNETIC' FULL ALBUM 1942 Joint Strike Siren Blood Curse Rockband (sorry about the lack of hard info, but this is how it came) 1 Track 3 Track Bundle 1 Track sale/developing artist 3 Track pack sale/developing artist 6 Track Bundle 9 Track Bundle 12 Track Bundle Demo ElefunkTrial Play TV Demo 1942: Joint Strike FIFA 09 Demo Packs Pain: Amusement Park Pain-Kenneth Character Pain -Yeony Character Pain Tati Character Videos FIFA 09 MIRROR'S EDGE E3 TRAILER TOMB RAIDER UNDERWORLD: TEASER TRAILER PURE E3 TRAILER Wallpapers The Last Guy Wallpaper (x6) Themes PixelJunk Eden Red PixelJunk Eden Black In Game Elefunk Full Game Upgrade [via Three Speech]