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Let's see, let's see, what's in the PAL store today...hrm, not much, unless you're a big spender on Rock Band/GH tunes. If you are, GREAT, if not, there's the offensively-priced Need for Speed content, some LittleBigPlanet costume stuff and...oh! There's a LocoRoco 2 demo. Neat. Oh! And the PS1 version of SimCity 2000. Also neat. So not all bad, then.

PS3 Store Video Tomb Raider - BENEATH THE SURFACE 4, FREE INFANTRY STRATEGY VIDEO BRIEFING, FREE TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR LAUNCH TRAILER, FREE BioShock Challenge Rooms Trailer, FREE MotorStorm Pacific Rift Behind the Scenes Ep 1, FREE MotorStorm Pacific Rift Behind the Scenes Ep 2, FREE Pain: David Hasselhoff Trailer, FREE Linger in Shadows Soundtrack, FREE NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM TRAILER, FREE Packs Bioshock BioShock PS3® Challenge Rooms, £6.29/€7.99 Rock Band CALIFORNIA ÜBER ALLES, £0.99/€1.49 CLOSER, £0.99/€1.49 FOREVER, £0.99/€1.49 GONE, £0.59/€0.79 HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA, £0.99/€1.49 MICA, £0.99/€1.49 POLICE TRUCK, £0.99/€1.49 SWAMPED, £0.99/€1.49 THAT’S HOW I ESCAPED MY CERTAIN FATE, £0.99/€1.49 THAT’S WHEN I REACH FOR MY REVOLVER, £0.99/€1.49 CENTURY MEDIA GIRLS OF METAL PACK 01, £2.99/€3.99 Dead Kennedys Pack 01, £2.99/€3.99 MISSION OF BURMA PACK 01, £2.99/€3.99 Guitar Hero World Tour THE RACONTEURS TRACK PACK, £3.99/€5.99 HOLD UP’ BY THE RACONTEURS, £1.49/€1.99 CONSOLER OF THE LONELY’ BY THE RACONTEURS, £1.49/€1.99 SALUTE YOUR SOLUTION’ BY THE RACONTEURS, £1.49/€1.99 LittleBigPlanet™ Sack in the Box, FREE LocoRoco™ Costume Kit, £2.39/€2.99 Need for Speed UnderCover AFTERMARKET BODY KIT PACKAGE, £1.49/€1.99 AFTERMARKET HOODS, SPOILERS & EXHAUST PACKAGE, £1.49/€1.99 AFTERMARKET WHEELS PACKAGE, £1.49/€1.99 COLLECTOR’S EDITION UPGRADE, £6.99/€9.99 EXOTIC CAR BUNDLE, £3.99/€5.99 MUSCLE CAR BUNDLE, £3.49/€4.99 PAINT & VINYLS PACKAGE, £1.49/€1.99 TUNER CAR BUNDLE, £3.49/€4.99 ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE BUNDLE, £6.99/€9.99 ULTIMATE VISUAL BUNDLE, £3.49/€4.99 PRO HANDLING BUNDLE, £1.99/€2.99 PRO POWER BUNDLE, £2.99/€3.99 RACE HANDLING BUNDLE, £1.99/€2.99 RACE POWER BUNDLE, £1.99/€2.99 STREET HANDLING BUNDLE, £1.49/€1.99 STREET POWER BUNDLE, £1.99/€2.99 Themes Saints Row 2 Movember Theme, FREE TRU - Black&White Theme, FREE TRU- Front of Box Theme, FREE PSP content available to download via PS3 Store Game Sim City 2000, £4.99/€7.99 LocoRoco™ 2 Demo, FREE PSP Store Game Sim City 2000, £4.99/€7.99 LocoRoco™ 2 Demo, FREE


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