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If you're coming here expecting me to blow sunshine up your arse about the improving state of the European PlayStation Store, get out of here. You've got it all wrong. Being a PAL update, we deal in misery and despair here, not things like "hope" for some "brighter future". Makes it easier to click through and see an update with only seven items. Especially when two are wallpapers/themes, and two are interviews with Korn.


* Enemy Territory Quake Wars

* Monster Madness: Grave Danger


* Guitar Hero - Isle of Wight Track Pack (£3.99)


* Haze Korn Interview #1

* Haze Korn Interview #2


* PixelJunk Monsters Bee Wallpaper


* PixelJunk Monsters Rainbow Theme

Euro PSN update, June 12 [VG247]


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