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Europe, Australia, let us see what's new in the PlayStation Store for today. Two demos is a nice improvement, even if one of them is Iron Man, while the rest of the update seems content to dump on you a ton of video content from the recent PlayStation Day event held in London. There's also some PSP demos (Everybody's Golf 2) and an Indiana Jones movie trailer.

PS3: Playable Game Demos

* Iron Man (946 MB)
* The Bourne Conspiracy (1654 MB)

PS3: Game Expansions

* High Stakes Poker - Video Chat Add-On

PS3: Game Videos

* Korn - Haze
* High Stakes Poker

PS3: PlayStation Day Videos

* Introduction by Kaz Hirai (629 MB)
* Play has no limitations (284 MB)
* Play is hiding and waiting (979 MB)
* Play is full throttle (293 MB)
* Play is a thousand stories (485 MB)
* Play brings us together (191 MB)
* Play is moving lips, hips (136 MB)
* Play is unexplored (132 MB)
* Summary: Play (102 MB)
* Compilation Trailer (138 MB)

PS3: Movie Trailers

* Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

PS3: Themes and Wallpapers

* Echochrome - wallpaper
* PixelJunk Monsters - theme & wallpaper

PSP: Playable Game Demos

* Everybody's Golf 2 Beginner Demo (30 MB)
* Everybody's Golf 2 Intermediate Demo (30 MB)
* Ultimate Board Game Collection (22 MB)

PSP: Game Expansions

* Go! Explore Map Packs: each are £14.99: Western Europe, UK & Ireland, Spain & Portugal, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Benelux


Euro PSN update, May 22 [VG247]

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I think (hope) the re-listing means that they're now also available in the non-UK stores (specifically, the Dutch store). They weren't available for the last two updates. Although by now I already created a UK account so I could watch them, so it's a little late.