PaciFire Is A Game Were You Shoot Babies But Are Also A Baby

In almost every other respect, PaciFire sounds like just another first-person shooter. It has teams, and funny hats, and grenades. Only, instead of controlling a gruff military dude, you’re playing as a baby. And the maps are, like, cribs, and playgrounds.


It’s fresh, yes, but also kinda creepy; the baby animations are weirdly competent, like they’re just adults wearing diapers. And before you wonder, no, you’re not shooting live ammunition. You’re shooting baby guns, which do things like put babies to sleep.

Maybe that’s for the best, though. I can already see the negative Steam reviews if the babies fell over every five steps and wouldn’t stop screaming.

The game’s up on Kickstarter.



That title the only great thing about this.