Overwatch's Mei Buff Is Useful, But Only If You're Smart

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Yesterday’s surprise Overwatch patch brought with it some balance changes—most importantly (to me), Mei’s buff, a thing of both immeasurable good and evil.


Blizzard expanded Mei’s ultimate move, also called “Blizzard,” from 8 meters to 10 meters. Enemies within its circumference are quickly frozen, sitting ducks for a hero like Pharah to blast them with her ultimate move. Great! But, if you’re like me, and like Mei, perhaps you’re a little too derpy for this great, icy responsibility.

Last night, when we reported on the patch’s early release, I immediately logged onto Battle.net to test Mei’s buff. Defending the Temple of Anubis, I thought I’d found the perfect moment to strike with her 10-meter Blizzard: All the enemies were clustered together; my team was rushing in. I felt great.

Freeze! Don’t move!

Five enemies frozen! Hell yeah! Eat my icicles! I am the most useful defense hero ever!

And then I checked the clock...



Don’t be like me. Don’t be like Mei. Think of the team.

Senior reporter at Kotaku.


I need to figure out a better way to counter Mei. My usual go-to is Tracer but I played against someone last night who would ice wall herself into a corner and then ice block when it broke and then ice wall again until my team finally said fuck it and left her behind our lines.