Overwatch is celebrating the Chinese New Year in style, from the 24th of January to the 13th of February. Expect lots of skins, sprays, as well as a new Capture-The-Flag Brawl mode.

Here’s the trailer:

Blizzard notes that this event will come with 100 cosmetic themed items, along with LOTS of fireworks. Said items will be packaged in “Lunar Loot Boxes,” which will all dole out at least one random item from the event.

Let’s go over the new skins, shall we?










Roadhog, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Winston


I love all of these, they’re so good. Winston is the Monkey King!

The emotes (?) look great, too:


To go along with this, there’s a Capture The Rooster mode (which is pretty much Capture The Flag, by the looks of it.) Here’s Blizzard’s description:

In Capture the Rooster, teams will face off on Lijiang Tower, attempting to secure the enemy flag while the opposing team does the same. In this fast-paced brawl, players will need to get creative with their team compositions as they attempt construct a lineup that’s simultaneously built for offensive speed and defensive stability.


Finally, there’s even a special comic story accompanying this whole thing titled ‘Winston’s Story to the West,’ and you can read that here, or learn more about below:

From a very young age, Winston showed limitless curiosity for the universe around him. But even though he was fascinated by the wonders of science, he also had a fondness for stories, particularly the tales that were passed down from generation to generation.

One day, on Lunar New Year, Dr. Harold Winston, the lunar colony researcher who cared deeply for the young ape’s education and training, challenged him to read an epic story that was centuries old but beloved by billions. Journey to the West is a sweeping tale that soars between a mythological Earth and the glorious heavens, portraying demons, gods, and heroes clashing in mighty battles.

The gorilla’s imagination was captured by the heroic monk Tang Sanzang and his ragtag group of disciples’ quest for redemption… like the banished marshal Zhu Bajie, the old general Shā Wùjìng, and of course, the mischievous Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

Every Lunar New Year, Winston is reminded of his younger days. Growing up in the lunar colony had its trials, but it also had its treasures. Exploring this story with his mentor will always be one of his most cherished memories.


All in all, I’m pumped to hop back in, even if realistically I know that I’m probably just about to get a whole lotta sprays in my loot boxes.