The holidays are almost here, and you know what that means: a new Overwatch seasonal event (and also presents and family or whatever).

Overwatchā€™s seasonal event, titled Winter Wonderland, just began. It includes Christmas skins, emotes, and highlight intros for pretty much every character in the game. Here are some of the skins:

Torbjorn as Santa? Obvious, but it works. Iā€™m much more into Scrooge McCree, personally. In addition to those goodies, itā€™s snowing on Hanamura and Kingā€™s Row, meaning that now festive cheer, in addition to JUSTICE, rains from above.

Thereā€™s also a new brawl called Meiā€™s Snowball Offensive. Itā€™s a 6v6 single elimination mode focused on Mei. Hereā€™s Blizzardā€™s description:

ā€œIn this brawl, Meiā€™s Endothermic Blaster no longer unleashes a stream of frost or shoots icicles. Instead, itā€™s been modified to fire a single, super-powered snowball. Taking down an enemy only takes one hit, but a miss can be costly. Once your weapon is empty, your enemies will have the advantage as you search for the nearest snow pile to reload, so donā€™t forget to cover your retreat with ice walls and cryo-freeze to block their attacksā€”and when the battle starts to heat up, you can activate Meiā€™s Ultimate, which turns her blaster into a semi-automatic snowball launcher, allowing you to fire continuously as your enemies scatter.ā€


The holiday event runs until January 2. That said, I am absolutely one of those people who leaves the Christmas tree up until March, so Iā€™ll probably have heroes decked out in Christmas gear until... forever.

In addition, this update includes the release of Symmetraā€™s long-awaited shield-slinging overhaul. You can view the full patch notes here.