Overwatch’s New Hero Is Orisa

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Overwatch’s new and 24th hero is the robot tank Orisa, who fights with a “fusion driver,” or a projectile machine gun. In a developer update video, Overwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan says her weapon has more range than nearly any other tank hero. She’s currently on the PTR.


The robot was created by the 11-year-old genius Efi Oladele, who crafted it from discarded defense robot parts in Numbani.

Orisa’s overview describes her as the “central anchor of her team,” who defends with a protective barrier. Her “fortify” ability allows her to reduce incoming damage, and her protective barrier shields allies, like Zarya. Her “Halt!” attack is a sort mini-graviton surge that allows her to pull enemies from around corners or slow them down. And her ultimate move is a supercharger that, when thrown, damage-boosts allies within line-of-sight.

Kaplan describes Orisa as an “anchor tank.” “We wanted another tank that teams could build around or position around,” he explained.

Here’s her origin story:

We’ll update with early impressions. She seems like a formidable, supporting tank who could make Reinhardt less essential to Overwatch’s meta.

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So I think it’s pretty clear now that Bastion fucks.