Overwatch’s New Character Leads To A Surprising Ship

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Overwatch has a new character, Moira O’Deorain, a support who’s a member of the antagonistic Talon organization. While some players wonder how this new character will shake up gameplay, other fans want to know who to ship her with.


Moira is basically a mad scientist. A geneticist who discovered how to alter DNA at a cellular level, she joined the black ops team Blackwatch. There, she used her discoveries to give Reaper his powers and experimented on herself to gain her healing and offensive abilities.

Given her relationship to Reaper, who is also a member of Talon, you’d think that fans would be interesting in exploring a romantic partnership between the two. People aren’t feeling it, though. Eager fans have already latched onto another pairing: one with Mercy.

It’s not the most obvious choice. Moira is a borderline eugenicist with a dark demeanor, while Mercy is outfitted with angel wings and is described as “a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace” in her character bio. The ship, tragically dubbed Moicy, is slowly gaining traction on Twitter and Tumblr. If you search the ship on Twitter, you’ll find people hyping up the pairing of Moira and Mercy from pretty much the time the character was announced (as well as some people lamenting the ship name).


Some eagle-eyed players have even noticed that the two characters have sprays that match up with each other:


When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising. People ship, Spike and Buffy, Sherlock and Moriarty, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, The Doctor and The Master, hell, even Tracer and Widowmaker. Tension of ethics and ideals, even with variances as great as the ones between Moira and Mercy, can sometimes be interpreted as sexual tension. As in the most recent season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where the sexual tension between the amoral Nathaniel Plimpton and the altruistic (kinda) Rebecca Bunch has bloomed into a sexual relationship, fiction can be a place to explore the sexiness of totally fucking hating someone.

The same can be said of Moira and Mercy. Moira’s ruthlessness is at odds with Mercy’s selflessness. Although they are both healers, giving them a common ground, their motivations conflict with each other. This fundamental friction of personalities is a shipper’s bread and butter. Just, y’all, please think of a better ship name than Moicy. It sounds like you’re saying Mercy with a bad Brooklyn accent.



Last night I was playing a lot of Pharah and I was getting a surprisingly lack of attention from my Mercys...

I guess now I know why.

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